- Il treno verde ETR 500 -

../MONDO%20FERROVIARIOVHS ETR 500 Author Falsone Mario

August 2001 - Mondo Ferroviario N 180 - Pag . 062

critique (La bancarella del libro) Video + monograph "Il treno verde ETR 500"

Still a video realized from the Videoeffe of Seregno, with not professional equipments but from the big visual impact. Protagonist of the images is this time the emblem of the High Speed in Italy: the ETR 500. After an introduction on the myth of the railway speed, with images drawn from TG2 Dossier, you will try the shiver of to run to 250 hourly kilometers on the locomotive, thank you to the VCR in the box of guide during a trip Central Milan to Rome Terms. Exciting the intersections with other ETR, in [particolar] way on the deals with the Direttissima between Florence and Rome. Numerous also the particulars of the train, you am of the it intern that of the outside of the carriages, comprehensive of the hallways of the locomotive corridor and of the box of guide. Interesting also the images turns to Milan S. Rocco of the ETR 500 Politensione. Review stamps High Speed and presentation of the models in staircase on the matter. VZ

Falsone Mario "Il treno verde - ETR 500". The video not professional, VHS, it has sold like supplement to the book from the same title. Lasted VHS 2 hours. Videoeffe- 2000 Seregno Milan. Available beside the Videoeffe of Seregno (MI) Berlinguer Plaza, 3 - 20038

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