- ALTENA 2^ parte

come costruire un plastico ferroviario (as to build a plastic railway)


Autori Falsone Mario e Sbrugnera Fabrizio

November 2003 - Mondo Ferroviario N 205 - Pag. 063

Novelty to read and to see / VIDEO & CD - ALTENA - vol. 2

Punctual to the appointment, the Editions Videoeffes recently have I edit the second video devoted to the construction of the plastic ALTENA. In it we find the analysis of the electric plant with useful suggestions for the laying of the cables, the realization of the picture of command and tied up quant'altro to the electricity. The second part deals instead of the landscape and particularly of the courses of water, of the rocks and of the lawns. In closing the construction of the portals and the laying of the metaled one. A third video, of next exit, you/he/she will be devoted to the completion of the plastic one and the exercise instead according to the tempistiches of the builders. A very interesting video also for those people that are retained already experienced in this field. Of the usual level the quality of the resumptions. MB

Video ALTENA second part.

Duration 1 now and 25 minutes; system PAL. Editions Videoeffe Seregno (MI), www videoeffe.it - tel. 333 3328375. Available near the author to the price of Euro 14,00.

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