- ALTENA 1^ parte

come costruire un plastico ferroviario (as to build a plastic railway)


Autori Falsone Mario e Sbrugnera Fabrizio

December 2002 - Mondo Ferroviario N 195 - Pag . 056

La bancarella del libro/VIDEO & DVD -

ALTENA - Prima parte: come costruire un plastico

(ALTENA- First part: like build a plastic railway)

From the Videoeffe editions here a new VHS gone out in occasion of the recent Hobby Model Expo and dedicated to the realization of a plastic in staircase H0 denominated ALTENA. We in this first part find the detailed description of the plan of the layout, realized with the aid of the computer, the construction of the loom to forms and on more levels, their union, the laying of the platforms, the construction of mountains and galleries with breadth use of compensated and "polistirolo", the all detachable for an easy maintenance, the organic laying of the cables of the electric plant under the plastic, the realization and the aging of the buildings to position on the plastic. To the next aimed the realization of the real landscape and of all as to him connected. We for each analyzed phase can see the realization practical footstep after footstep thing that will help greatly the model makers, in they as am illustrated also varied techniques of construction and of employment of the varieties utensils and materials. A video of the all no usual in our panorama, that we recommend warmly to who one approaches to the realization of a plastic, accompanied also from a vocal comment decidedly valid. Good the quality of the images. MB

"Altena- like build a plastic railway- 1^ part." Videocassetta systematizes PAL; duration 87 minutes. Videoeffe editions 2002.

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