- LOCOMOTORE da manovra Diesel-idraulico 255 -


May 2003 - Mondo Ferroviario N 200 - Pag . 091

critique (La bancarella del libro) Video + monograph "Locomotori da manovra"

Locomotore da manovra Diesel idraulico 255

Locomotor from hydraulic Diesel manoeuvre 255 In the field of the VHS, a great deal rare they am those dedicated to the traction from manoeuvre, and the full Videoffe this gap devoting the his last video, from little time in distribution, to the locomotive 255 construct from the Badoni of Lecco and from the Greco. Many of the images of construction is due to the camera video of Mister Gandolfi, to the technical epoch of the firm of Lecco, in which we could observe the varied phases of construction of the 255 decidedly interesting and the operations of dispatch to the Lecco rail station proof for the first runs you effect along her Lecco - Sondrio. Other images take back the car in varied situations to Piacenza and to Bologna. The real description has preceded from a panning on the employment of the locomotor varieties from manoeuvre between which the new 146, the D.143, the 214, the 245 and the D.145 recovered from Sicily to the Lagoon (Venezia) with interesting images also in particular services what the towing of ETR in damage and other, very good also the part devoted to the ABL II. In closing like you always is not missing the part construction of models devoted to the reproduction in varied staircases of this locomotor. A very interesting video that we recommend warmly to all the impassioned. MB

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